At our checkout progress, you’ll see “pay with bitcoins” for fast checkout. A page will seem with our bitcoin cope with and the precise amount you have to send, reproduction the deal with in your wallet or experiment the QR code and send the bitcoin amount to it. Once it’s despatched, you’ll be confirmed within couple of minutes and your order might be processed.

After your bitcoin charge is showed,we’ll then proceed with the registration of your package and ship you the tracking element.


https://apps.Apple.Com/us/app/square-coins/id711923939 If you do no longer have any bitcoins, you don’t need to worry, you can buy bitcoins right away with your CREDIT CARD from any of these websites: https://freewallet.Org/buy or https://changelly.Com/ Or COINBASE ; https://www.Coinbase.Com or through the CASH APP right here https://apps.Apple.Com/us/app/square-coins/id711923939 (for Iphone customers) or https://play.Google.Com/keep/apps/info?Identification=com.Squareup.Cash ( for android users)

You can as properly watch this video tutorials on how to shop for bitcoins below:

HOW TO BUY AND SELL BITCOUNS WITH CASH APP: https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=jhcYRj3sQaQ

How to buy bitcoins with cash app!

COINBASE BUY GUIDE: how to buy bitcoins on coinbase for biginners : https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=pTYLxGeLUEk


To send a charge
1) Open the Cash App
2) Enter the quantity
three) Tap Pay
four) Enter our $Cashtag so one can be communicated to you.
Five) Enter what the payment is for
6) Tap Pay
You also can pay with the following methods of charge:


1. ACCESS ZELLE® Get commenced by using enrolling your email or U.S. Cellular variety via your mobile banking app or with the Zelleapp.

2. Pick someone to pay. Enter the desired e mail cope with or U.S. Cellular wide variety of the recipient.

3. Choose the amount. Enter the amount to ship.

4. Send fee then take a screenshot of the fee receipt to us for verification and affirmation.


On your iPhone or iPad

1. Open the Messages app, then begin a brand new verbal exchange or faucet an current one.

2. Tap the Apple Pay button . If you don’t see the Apple Pay button, tap first.

Three. Enter the quantity you want to send.

4. Tap Pay, then faucet the ship button

5. Confirm your payment with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.


1. Send cash with Google Pay (Apple and Android)

2. Open the Google Pay app .

Three. At the lowest right, tap Send.

Four. At the lowest, faucet +Sendor request.

Five. Choose a touch.

6. Enter the amount.

7. Tap Send.

8. Confirm or exchange your charge approach.

9. Tap Confirm & ship.

For those the usage of laptop to ship through Google pay
1. On your computer, go to pay.Google.Com.

2. Click Send or request cash.

Three. Click Send cash.

4. Enter the amount you need to ship.

Five. Enter your recipient’s name, e mail deal with, or telephone number.

6. Check that the amount and payment technique are correct. You can also encompass a memo.

7. Click Send.


How to ship money thru PayPal using your account

1. Step 1: Start the fee.

2. Step 2: Select whether or not you’re making FAMILY AND FRIENDS

3. Choose charge as FAMILY AND FRIENDS

4. Step three: Enter our recipient e mail(reproduction email and paste):

five. Step four: Confirm the quantity

6. Step five: Hit confirm, and select a investment source.

7. Step 6: Review the charge and you’re accomplished.

8. Send a screenshot of the price for verification and confirmation thank you.